I know nothing about blogging and yet here I am

Every time I sit down to create something and face a blank sheet of paper, somebody shows up… without fail…every single time. Lets call him Mr.Resistance.

He paralyses my arm, numbs my brain and before I know it…I have given up…without a single try.
Likewise the idea for this blog has been running through my head for many months now. But Mr. Resistance was strong. he was working his slow poison – “The Fear of Failure”. I knew Resistance had power only till I wrote the first word….the very first word…and I’ve begun. From there, he gets weaker with each passing sentence and paragraph. By the time I complete my first page…he has to flee!  So take that Mr.Resistance!  This is me beating you to the finishing point. Try and catch up.
Lets begin with a lil’ self intro…
I came to Bahrain with a heart full of hopes and a head full of dreams in the warm month of August, 2016. Fresh out of college, like any young creative, I believed my skills could make the world a little more beautiful.
 On my way from the airport to the apartment, my eyes caught every lamp post advertisement and every billboard design on the road. I had already started imagining how the idea would have evolved, what were they trying to say and more than everything…how would I have done it..?
The number of bad designs and the surprisingly poor quality of content startled me a little. But it didn’t let me down…rather…I saw an opportunity. Maybe I could make a change.
I landed my first job shortly after my arrival. I was extremely motivated and almost believed that I was going to change the face of Bahrain. After the first few months…reality hit me…in the face…with a CHAIR! The world of advertising in Bahrain was leaps and bounds away from what I had imagined it to be. At first, it was shock. Followed by denial…and then disappointment. A much more diabolic version of Resistance started taking control of me. I had almost given up…
But luckily I didn’t. I’m not going down without a fight habibi.

Through this blog, I want to explore the possibilities of better advertising in Bahrain. Today, good design is undervalued. Meaningless jargon has replaced real brand strategies and ideas in agencies. And I’m not gonna just sit there and watch that happen. I don’t have a game plan yet. But lets see where this takes us…

P.S. I’m no professional. I’m still an amateur learner. So please excuse my mistakes and shortcomings. I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions to help improve myself.

5 thoughts on “I know nothing about blogging and yet here I am

  1. No sign of a first time blogger. You will do well. I had the same resistance before, I took courage in my hands and started writing, two hoots to the imaginery critics.



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