My second internship was at Local Network, Kochi, which is now a part of the big league in Kerala and is giving all national agencies a run for their money.

There I met the legendary Paul Philip, everyone’s beloved Paulettan. My introduction to Paul began way before I joined Local Network.

So before I joined, I spoke to my friends and teachers about the agency. The moment I mentioned Paul’s name to anybody I could see a sort of divine admiration in their eyes. They would say “Wow! You are in safe hands”.

When I finally met Paul, it took me only a few minutes of interaction to understand  why everyone spoke so highly about him. When Paul started talking to me was like reading this amazing book. I wanted to highlight every word and remember every sentence. To this day, I find it hard to put what I felt in to words because thats how captivated I was by his intelligence. He spoke with so much passion that anybody listening to him would fall in love with advertising.

I joined Local Network with the hopes of gaining experience in the creative department. But Paul suggested that I join the Account executives so I could improve my understanding of the workflow in an agency. Thrilled at the prospect of learning something new, I readily agreed.

I was assigned to a project that involved the branding of a school. We had to create the brand completely from scratch. The most difficult part for me was not knowing where to begin. And I believe many others like me experience this as well. Your mind is let completely loose and your thoughts are free to run in a million directions.

Paul taught me how not to be overwhelmed by the possibilities and gave me a “process”. It starts with creating a brand identity docket of all identified competitors in your category. Then compare them to find a “space” that is less ventured. Align your brand to fit that space and viola! A brand is born! The execution is not as easy as it sounds. But this has helped me immensely in handling projects and setting milestones.

Another important lesson I got to learn from Paul was how to handle a pitch presentation. He demonstrated that everything about the presentation from the ambience, to the visual cues to the worlds spoken must condition the client and prepare him/her to receive the idea. Paul knew exactly how to work this magic. During a pitch, each word he spoke sounded like it was the part of a carefully manipulated script. Of course with his experience it came naturally.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to work aside such an inspiring character. Thank you Paul for helping me find order in the chaotic world of advertising.

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